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Industrial coatings

When the going gets tough – FreiLacke coating solutions for practicality, protection and maximum effect

The right protective coating offers the best protection against the effects of corrosion, weather and chemicals. In the case of industrial applications, FreiLacke liquid coatings are highly effective solutions for coating all surfaces subject to severe stresses, for example, the surfaces of containers, building machinery, wheels, etc.

For all types of coating
FreiLacke liquid coatings work to optimum effect on all levels of the coating structure – as primer or filler, basecoat or top coat and also in single-coat systems.

For all surfaces
Steel, stainless steel, galvanised substrates, aluminium, plastic – FreiLacke offers the best coating system for every surface.

For all requirements
FreiLacke industrial coatings meet all requirements – with the desired effects and in various gloss levels. Regardless of the intended function or application, whether for interior or exterior use.

Everything from one stop
As system supplier, FreiLacke develops and produces all coatings under one roof. This makes FreiLacke your ideal partner for all industrial surface coatings.

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