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Industry groups | Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Only FreiLacke quality coatings offer everyday toughness and yet continue to look good.

Stability, reliability and robustness are crucial for surface solutions in mechanical engineering. FreiLacke makes stringent demands of materials and process technologies. We thus guarantee the highest possible quality and an extremely long service life for all FreiLacke coating systems. Again and again, FreiLacke coating solutions demonstrate their absolute stability during continuous use on all complex substrates (such as steel, cast iron, nonferrous metal and many more).



Switch boxes | telecommunications equipment

Perfect finish and effective protection – high-tech system coatings from FreiLacke.

Switch boxes, control panels, switchboards and computer casings protect the “central nervous systems” of computer systems, modern production facilities and telecommunications centres. FreiLacke system coatings are as high-tech as the content of the casings they protect and boast an attractive finish, easy-clean properties and they also offer high resistance to all standard loads. Whether as one-layer powder coating or in the multi-layer system structure, such as electrodeposition/powder coating or electrodeposition/liquid coating, whether with a smooth, finely structured or coarsely structured finish – a Freilacke coating solution is always the number-one choice.



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