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Industry groups | construction and sanitary

Construction industry

If it doesn’t match, it’s made to match – the individual FreiLacke coating systems

The quality requirements in the construction industry are as different as the materials used. So it’s reassuring to know that FreiLacke is at hand with its wealth of experience and expertise. Our whole range of surface solutions is used in the construction industry – day after day. FreiLacke coating systems boast exceptional durability, ongoing protection and excellent handling properties. For this reason, they have been used successfully for many years in different areas of the construction industry.
The range of applications reaches from robust coatings for steel constructions or formwork elements to the aesthetic design of facades, doors, gates and letterboxes.

Air-conditioning technology

Coating systems that will leave you feeling hot and cold all over – the flexible coating systems from FreiLacke for every application.

FreiLacke products are used in a wide variety of different air-conditioning applications, such as refrigerant compressors, water heating systems/heaters, air coolers, dry coolers, liquifiers, plate heat exchangers, air-conditioning and ventilation technology


Optimum product properties, high quality and profitability – the FreiLacke coating systems for radiators.

For many years, FreiLacke coating systems have been the medium of choice for coating radiators and heaters. This is due to their extraordinary durability and outstanding processing properties on steel, aluminium, cast iron and lots more. However, it is also due to the efficient processes that FreiLacke has developed especially for this industry group. For example, the two-layer coating of radiators with an anodic EC rewash primer and a powder top coat. A FreiLacke process that combines high quality standards with optimum profitability. FreiLacke is the only medium-sized company to offer powder coating, water deposition coating and e-coat technologies from a single source.

Lighting technology and room systems

Lights up not only the faces of lighting manufacturers – the wide range of FreiLacke coating solutions.

Light is an effective tool: it gives buildings a distinctive image, emphasises their architecture and affects the individual’s sense of well-being and performance. FreiLacke has tremendous expertise in developing coating systems for lighting elements. This includes solutions for interior lights, exterior lights, light-management and installation systems for hospitals, hanging lamps, louver, recessed and surface-mounted luminaries, prismatic light fittings and luminaries for damp interiors, quick-assembly continuous-row luminaire systems, downlights and modern office lighting systems. Further examples are coatings for wall and ceiling panels, ceiling tiles, streetlights and headlights and other lighting systems.

Sanitary ware

Top processing and gleaming product properties – FreiLacke’s fantastic surface coatings for sanitary ware.

Sanitary ware poses particular challenges. Kitchens and bathrooms not only have to look good, they also have to withstand a great deal of wear and tear in everyday use and always guarantee a high standard of hygiene. This means that all surface solutions have to continue to prove their resistant properties when in regular contact with cleaning agents and other substances and they also have to withstand constant mechanical loads (for example, caused by scouring). They must also be able to withstand sudden, localised stresses.

No problem whatsoever for FreiLacke coating systems. This is because, for years, FreiLacke surface solutions have been scoring top marks in the sanitary trade: for their outstanding finish, their excellent processing qualities and, of course, for their extreme durability. Typically FreiLacke.



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